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We aspire to provide ministry training for everyone. We want to be individuals and churches that are maturing in godly character as disciples of Christ. We want to provide training for life at home, at church, at work and in society, and especially in gospel ministries. We recognise that the risen Christ has given us Bible-teachers of many kinds to equip us for the ministries that build his church. If we liken our churches to football clubs, we don’t think of our congregations as the crowds gathering to watch the bible-teachers perform like expensive football players on the pitch! Rather, the crowds are like the watching world of neighbours, friends, colleagues and family. The players are like our congregations involved in ministries that grow the church as we are watched by the world around us. The Bible-teachers are like player-coaches, leading by example with the coaching manual of Scripture. This means that we don’t just train leaders or professional ministers, though we have mentored dozens of pastor-teaches, planters, missionaries and other gospel workers in our Apprenticeship training scheme. We also want to equip everyone with God’s Word to develop their own ministries that will grow Christ’s church.

We realise that such holistic training includes not only learning information and skills but also matters of the heart, conscience and will in a diverse range of relational contexts. These include church meetings, small groups, households, one-to-one mentoring, work forums, special events and evening courses of many kinds to “equip God’s people for the work of ministry for building up the body of Christ”. Above all, we understand ministry to be essentially about Christ-like sacrificial service of others.


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